Membership of the Fire Protection Association New Zealand (FPANZ) is open to all companies, organisations, and individuals who have an active involvement or interest in fire protection in New Zealand.

FPANZ members pay an annual subscription, which entitles them to be part of this industry Association, to participate in selected member forums, to access the Association's membership services, and for the Association to advocate collectively on their behalf.

Full financial membership of FPANZ indicates only that a member company or individual has agreed to abide by the FPANZ code of ethical conduct, as detailed below, and that they hold a minimum level of Public liability insurance.

Being a member of FPANZ does not of itself provide any indication of a member company's capabilities, competencies, or staff qualifications. To demonstrate such competencies, a range of optional certifications for service providers are available, as detailed below. These certifications provide transparency and objective qualification of a company’s competencies in specific areas.

FPANZ has several financial membership levels based on the size of a company or organisation's workforce, or (FTE's) Full Time Equivalent staff. The levels do not indicate anything other than the number of fire protection staff employed by a member company and its approximate size. This is to assist the public in selecting a company with sufficient resources, based on the size and type of work to be undertaken.

Platinum Sponsors

Platinum membership/sponsorship is by application only to the FPANZ board of directors, all criteria for this level are discussed with any applicant. This level is for long-standing full members who wish to demonstrate a greater commitment to the fire protection industry in New Zealand and financially support the association above the required membership fees that all members pay.

15+ Staff/FTE

15 or more staff (or full-time equivalent)

5-14 Staff/FTE

5-14 staff (or full-time equivalent)

1-4 Staff/FTE

Up to 4 staff (or full-time equivalent)

Personal Membership

A single person or sole trader only, this membership is in the name of the person, not a company or trading name.

Lifetime membership

Awarded by the FPANZ board to individuals who have made significant contribution the fire protection industry in New Zealand.

Provisional Applicant

All companies, organisations, and individuals wishing to become a full financial FPANZ member are required to join as a Provisional applicant for a minimum of 12 months, after which the applicant is reviewed for full membership eligibility.

FPANZ Code of Ethical Conduct

All FPANZ members and provisional applicants are subject to the FPANZ Code of Ethical Conduct, and the FPANZ Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure. This framework protects the integrity and reputation of the FPANZ brand by setting minimum standards of behaviour expected of all members in relation to their work and their dealings with customers, public, stakeholders, regulators, and other FPANZ members. It also provides for a transparent policy and process to consider complaints against any member, consistent with current expectations of a professional body.

Certified Service Providers

In addition to the standard financial membership of FPANZ, several types of activity-specific certifications are available to FPANZ members. Certifications allow members to demonstrate their company’s capabilities, competencies, or staff qualifications and to differentiate themselves from service providers who have not obtained such certifications.

These certifications provide additional peace of mind to clients, and an assurance that a service provider meets more stringent and objective criteria than the basic requirements for financial membership.

Certified service providers are regularly assessed, either annually or two-yearly depending on the certification, against such criteria as:

  • CV's and assessment of staff to carry out the specific work certified to
  • Formal qualifications for a percentage of staff
  • Continuing professional development of staff
  • Internal quality control systems
  • Health and Safety policy
  • Minimum levels of insurance cover
  • Regular assessment and auditing

Currently the following certification types are available:

  • FPANZ-Certified Alarm Contractors
  • FPANZ-Certified Evacuation Consultant
  • IANZ-Accredited Inspection Companies *
  • Aon-Certified Sprinkler Contractors **

* IANZ = International Accreditation New Zealand

** Aon = Aon Fire Protection

Platinum Members

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